Watershed Group Directory

For a PDF which includes a map showing where the watershed groups are located as well as basic information for each group, click here.
Alamosa River Watershed Restoration Foundation, Inc.
The Alamosa River Watershed Restoration Foundation, Inc (ARWRF) is non-profit group made up of landowners and other stakeholders which was established in 2000 for the purpose of restoring the Alamosa River downstream from Terrace Reservoir to a more natural functioning stream. The ARWRF is currently sponsoring restoration work on the remaining 2.8 mile segment of a total of 5 miles of the Alamosa River under restoration since 2004. Project funding comes from an NPS 319 Grant with local in-kind match from landowners (in construction, fall of 2012) and from NRD funding from the Summitville Mine settlement.
Rodger Gallegos
Maya Kuile- Miller

P.O. Box 502
La Jara, CO 81140
Rodger: 719-274-5202
Maya: 719-580-1976
Rio Grande River Basin
Alamosa Riverkeeper
The Alamosa Riverkeeper strives for a clean and functional river system which benefits the economic, ecological and recreational needs of the community. The Riverkeeper works to increase in-stream flows, improving the fisheries and recreational potential of the Alamosa.
Cindy Medina
P.O. Box 223
Capulin, CO 81124
Rio Grande River Basin
Animas River Stakeholders Group
The Animas River Stakeholders Group (ARSG) works to improve water quality in the Animas River Basin by reducing metal loading from historic mining sites in the headwaters of the basin.
Peter Butler and Bill Simon
Peter: 970-259-0986
Bill: 970-385-4138
Southwest Basin
Animas Watershed Partnership (AWP)
The Animas Watershed Partnership protects and improves water quality for a 100 mile long river system traversing Colorado, New Mexico, and Southern Ute Indian lands. Currently, the AWP is focusing on expanding its stakeholder base, and implementing a demonstration project along the Animas River in Colorado to compliment the project completed in New Mexico.
Ann Oliver
2340 County Road 203
Durango, CO 81301
Southwest Basin
Arkansas River Coalition
Our mission is to protect, restore and improve the entire Arkansas River Watershed and to enhance the well-being of all life it sustains. That includes sustainable water quantity, improving water quality and increasing the access to and connection with the River and all its tributaries from the Rocky Mountain high country to the Mississippi.
Tom Pelikan
P.O. Box 3056
Wichita, KS 67201
Arkansas River Basin
Barr Lake and Milton Reservoir Watershed Association
The Barr Milton Watershed (BMW) is an essential environmental water resource in our state. One out of every two citizens in Colorado lives within the BMW watershed boundaries, which also provides water for agricultural and municipal use and is an important natural habitat for a variety of wildlife. Our members (and friends) work cooperatively to study and evaluate the necessary improvements to ensure clean, safe water for all. Barr Lake and Milton Reservoir Watershed is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit association, Incorporated in May of 2005.
Amy Conklin
6795 S. Elati St.
Littleton, CO 80120
Denver Metro Basin
Bear Creek Watershed Association
The Bear Creek Watershed Association identifies, defines, collectively develops, maintains and implements a local environmental and water quality monitoring, management plan and watershed-based program for the Bear Creek Watershed that meets reservoir and watershed applicable water quality standards and beneficial use classification as adopted by the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission.
Russell Clayshulte
1529 S. Telluride St.
Aurora, CO 80017
Denver Metro Basin
Big Dry Creek Watershed Association
The mission of the Watershed Association is to develop a sound scientific understanding of water quality, flow, aquatic life, and habitat conditions in the Big Dry Creek Watershed for the purposes of: (1) environmentally responsible decision-making with regard to land and stream uses and (2) identifying measures to improve and protect stream conditions. The goals of the Watershed Association include three broad categories: (1) public education and involvement, (2) monitoring and study, and (3) protecting, preserving and restoring water quality, aquatic life, and habitat.
Jane Clary
c/o Wright Water Engineers
2490 W. 26th Ave.,
Suite 100A
Denver, CO 80211
Denver Metro Basin
Big Thompson Watershed Forum
The Big Thompson Watershed Forum protects and improves water quality through collaborative monitoring, assessment, education, and restoration projects. The Forum created Cooperative and Volunteer Monitoring Programs to target water quality and related ecological concerns. The Forum's program goals include: increasing community awareness of water quality issues and watershed stewardship; comparing and analyzing sampling data with existing water quality standards; and determining the statistical significance of any identified spatial and/or temporal water quality trends on a watershed scale.
Zack Shelley
800 S. Taft Ave.
Loveland, CO 80537
T 970-613-6163
F 970-613-6168
South Platte River Basin
Blue River Watershed Group
The Blue River Watershed Group is a non-profit organization that serves residents and visitors in Summit County, Colorado. The BRWG works to promote, protect and restore the health of the Blue River watershed through cooperative community education, stewardship and resource management. The BRWG is currently working with stakeholders on restoration projects on the Upper Swan River, Ten Mile Creek and Peru Creek. Volunteer opportunities are available for projects and events throughout the year.
Steve Swanson
P.O. Box 1626
Frisco, CO 80443
Colorado River Basin
Boulder Creek Watershed Initiative
The Boulder Creek Watershed Initiative protects and enhances the health of the Boulder Creek watershed through community based stewardship, education, information and action. BCWI has produced 102 educational Watershed Forums at the Boulder Public Library on local, regional, national and global environmental issues. In 2008, BCWI has formed 4 water quality monitoring Stream Teams to measure the health of Boulder Creek and its tributaries.
Paul Hempel
PO Box 18
Boulder, CO 80306
South Platte River Basin
Chatfield Watershed Authority
The mission of the Chatfield Watershed Authority, formed in 1984, is a nonprofit watershed association that conducts activities to promote watershed health in the Chatfield Watershed, including water quality, outreach, monitoring, implementing point and nonpoint source control strategies and regulatory requirements associated with Control Regulation 73. Controlling nonpoint source, particularly nutrients, is critical to preserving water quality in the Chatfield watershed and reservoir. Our mission is to promote protection of water quality in the Chatfield Watershed for drinking water supplies, recreation, fisheries and other beneficial uses.
Julie Vlier
1900 South Sunset Street Suite 1-F
Longmont, CO 80501
Denver Metro Basin
Cherry Creek Stewardship Partners
The Stewardship Partners promote active stewardship in the Cherry Creek basin through a voluntary alliance among key land use agencies with ties to the Cherry Creek and South Platte River. Events ranging from the Partners' Annual Conference to the annual Run for the Watershed provide opportunities to be engaged with a broadly collaborative effort to deliver a practical water quality message to residents of the Cherry Creek Watershed. The Cherry Creek Basin Water Stewardship and Education Initiative is the framework for outreach which includes an annual Teacher Training Workshop, sponsored field trips and classroom visits. Special events and regularly scheduled activities provide year-round opportunities to 'take it outside' and practice hands-on conservation in our prairie ecosystem.
Casey Davenhill
415 S. High Street
Denver, CO 80209
Denver Metro Basin
Clear Creek Watershed Foundation
The Clear Creek Watershed Foundation focuses on improving water quality through sustainable watershed management. As a Good Samaritan entity, the Foundation facilitates the remediation of the many orphan mine and mill sites in the area not listed as priority Superfund sites; current remediation efforts include projects in Gilson Gulch and Trail Creek. Additional projects include a renewable energy initiative, wildfire protection planning, a resource recovery center, wetlands and stream habitat restoration projects, and the Clear Creek Watershed Festival.
David Holm
P.O. Box 1963/2060 Miner St.
Idaho Springs, CO 80452
South Platte River Basin
Coal Creek Watershed Coalition
The Coal Creek Watershed Coalition works to restore terrestrial and aquatic environments that have been impaired due to metals and other contaminants. The Coalition has been in existence since 2003 and has expanded its mission to the adjacent Slate River Watershed to create a watershed plan.
Zach Vaughter
P.O. Box 39
Crested Butte, CO 81224
Gunnison River Basin
Coalition for the Upper South Platte
The Coalition is focused on implementing projects in the 2,600 square-mile Upper South Platte Watershed. Our projects include forest health and fire rehabilitation, river restoration, trail work, and environmental education--almost anything that fulfills our mission to protect the water quality & ecological health of the Upper South Platte Watershed through the cooperative efforts of stakeholders with emphasis on community values and economic sustainability.
Carol Ekarius
P.O. Box 726
Lake George, CO 80827
South Platte River Basin
The Conservation Center
The Conservation Center is a 35-year-old grassroots 501(c)3 nonprofit that works to build an aware and active community that protects, preserves and enhances the natural, human and economic resources of the North Fork of the Gunnison and Lower Gunnison Watersheds. The Conservation Center takes a community-directed, solution-focused approach to watershed restoration and river rehabilitation.
Sarah Sauter
P.O. Box 1612
Paonia, CO 81428
Gunnison River Basin
Culebra Range Community Coalition
The main focus of the Culebra Range Community Coalition is environmental education. We hosted Trinidad's first Community Water Festival attended by all 1500 K-12 students in the community. We also awarded our 1st two Environmental Scholarships this spring. We are participating in organizing a Purgatoire River Watershed Group.
Tom Perry
612 South Chestnut St.
Trinidad, CO 81082
Arkansas River Basin
Dolores River Source Water Protection Group
Dolores River Source Water Protection group is assessing source water issues upstream of McPhee Reservoir. The group is planning to begin source water protection implementation activities in the near future with money raised locally through the Dolores River Festival, State of Colorado Source Water funding and other local efforts. An assessment report will be completed within the next year, also. This group is unique among source water protection organizations because it includes 5 different water providers within the Dolores River watershed working together on one plan - the City of Cortez, Town of Dolores, Montezuma Water Company the Town of Dove Creek and the Town of Rico.
Scott Clow
Ute Mountain Ute Tribe
Environmental Programs Dept.
P.O. Box 448
Towaoc, CO 81334
Southwest Basin
Dolores River Dialogue
The DRD is a coalition of diverse interests, whose purpose is to explore management opportunities, build support for and take action to improve the ecological conditions downstream of McPhee Reservoir while honoring water rights, protecting agricultural and municipal water supplies, and the continued enjoyment of rafting and fishing.
Marsha Porter-Norton
60 S. Cactus St.
Cortez, CO 81321
Southwest River Basin
Eagle River Watershed Council
The Eagle River Watershed Council advocates for the health and conservation of the Upper Colorado and Eagle River basins through research, education, and projects.  We provide a forum where everyone can gain a greater understanding of the Eagle River environment.  Said another way, our mission is "Preserving our quality of life by protecting the Eagle and Colorado Rivers in Eagle County."
Holly Loff
P.O. Box 7688
Avon, CO 81620
Colorado River Basin
East Fork Dolores (Town of Rico)
The Town of Rico is working with a large landowner and residents of the town to survey the Dolores River corridor and protect riparian and river front property. The ultimate goal is to establish a green-belt park through town. A coalition of stakeholders also strives to develop continuing partnerships, strategies and funding to work towards ensuring that ground and surface water in and around Rico's watershed area meets water quality standards comparable to other healthy natural mountain streams and watershed areas. The Town has initiated participating in the River Watch program, which allows public to participate in water testing and monitoring of their areas. The Town is particularly interested in monitoring the Dolores River and watershed inflow stream.
Jennifer Stark
2 N. Commercial St. P.O.Box 9 
Rico, CO 81332
Southwest Basin
The Environmental Group (TEG)
Formed in 1990, TEG (The Environmental Group) is a 501c3 non-profit environmental organization in Colorado. Located in the foothills of the Front Range, spanning Jefferson, Gilpin and Boulder Counties, TEG works to protect the natural lands and resources of the region from environmental degradation. TEG (The Environmental Group) is a longtime proponent of environmental preservation and conservation in the regions that would be affected by the Moffat Collection System Project. As such, TEG has established working relationships with public officials and nearby conservation groups, as well as cultivated a respected, leadership-role in the community with regard to environmental issues. TEG is the core group coordinating action to deal with the proposed expansion of Gross Reservoir and is currently undertaking numerous approaches.
Chris Garre
P.O. Box 7014
Golden, CO 80403

South Platte River Basin
Fountain Creek Restoration Project
The Restoration Project works to raise awareness of degraded conditions in Fountain Creek flowing through Manitou Springs. They developed a Restoration Master Plan which outlines steps for reducing sedimentation & erosion, enhancing native vegetation, and developing a sustainable fishery.
Dana Butler
3 Via Loma
Manitou Springs, CO 80829
Arkansas River Basin
Fountain Creek Watershed Flood Control and Greenway District
The Fountain Creek Watershed Flood Control and Greenway District was created in June 2009 under Senate Bill (SB)09-141, established under Title 32 of the Colorado Revised Statute (CRS). The District is authorized to manage, administer, and fund the capital improvements necessary in the Fountain Creek Watershed to mitigate flooding, erosion and sedimentation; address water quality issues; improve drainage; fund the protection of open space; and develop public recreational opportunities including open space. The District has land use authority in the 100 year floodplain between El Paso and Pueblo counties (south of the City of Fountain and north of the City of Pueblo). Outside this area, the district can provide input to public bodies on land use applications that may have direct or indirect impacts to the watershed.
Larry Small
P.O. Box 26373
Colorado Springs, CO 80936
Arkansas River Basin
Friends of the Fraser
The Friends of the Fraser River works to restore in-stream flows, where a minimum of 65% of the water is diverted for storage and use by Front Range cities. In the near future, we will be focusing on public education and outreach concerning the Moffat firming project and the Windy Gap firming project. Both of these projects are proposing to divert 20% more of the Fraser River and the Upper Colorado River from the West Slope.
Kirk Klancke
c/o Winter Park Ranch Water & Sanitation District
P.O. Box 1390
Fraser, CO 80442
Colorado River Basin
Friends of the Lower Blue River
Friends of the Lower Blue River is a volunteer group of Summit County Residents, property owners and other interested parties who share a concern for maintaining the rural character, quality of life and the environment of the Lower Blue River Valley. The group functions as a constructive forum on issues important to the Valley through education, communication and member participation. Current FOLBR projects include: fire protection, water quality & quantity, and protecting open space.
Marty Richardson
P.O. Box 2191
Silverthorne, CO 80498
Colorado River Basin
Friends of the Poudre
The Friends of the Poudre monitors instream flows and water quality levels, while protecting the remaining free-flow and enhancing the river's riparian habitat and recreational amenities.
Gary Kimsey
P.O. Box 129
Laporte, CO 80535
South Platte River Basin
Friends of the River Uncompahgre (FORU)
The Friends of the River Uncompahgre works in conjunction with the cities and counties along the Uncompahgre River to create strong community partnerships with a common goal of restoration, enhancement and protection of the riparian corridor. Friends of the River Uncompahgre is currently working with the city and county of Montrose to establish a 100' riparian buffer to protect water quality and preserve the greenway.
Ben Tisdel
P.O. Box 3592
Montrose, CO 81401
Gunnison River Basin
Friends of Wolf Creek/ Rocky Mountain Wild
Wolf Creek Pass in southwestern Colorado forms the pristine headwaters of the Rio Grande and San Juan Rivers.  The untouched beauty of Wolf Creek Pass has made it a tempting target for real estate developers.  Rocky Mountain Wild's Friends of Wolf Creek campaign has succeeded in keeping the pass wild by mobilizing local citizens, business owners, hunters and anglers, backcountry recreationists, and wildlife experts to protect this ecological treasure. 
1536 Wynkoop Street Ste. 303
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 546-0214
Colorado River Basin
Friends of the Yampa
Friends of the Yampa strive to protect and enhance the environmental and recreational integrity of the Yampa River and its tributaries through stewardship, advocacy, education and partnerships. As a result of our efforts the Yampa River will continue to be a clean, free-flowing river. The water of the Yampa will stay in the river and the Yampa will maintain a natural hydrograph. The three imperatives prioritized in the 2012 Strategic Planning Retreat are:
• Complete Yampa River Structures Master Plan successfully and responsibility
• Preserve in-stream flows
• Protect and enhance current and future access
Ken Brenner
P.O. Box 771654
Steamboat Springs, CO 80477
Yampa, White & Green  River Basin
Gore Creek Restoration Committee
Formed in 2009, members of the GCRC, represented by local fly fishermen, members of Trout Unlimited and the Eagle River Watershed Council, Fly-Fishing Outfitters, Town of Vail citizens and staff. The group has completed several stream bank restoration projects since 2010. The current focus of the committee is Gore Creek's 2012 303(d) listing (Provisionally impaired for aquatic life). Work is underway on a Water Quality Improvement Plan, which includes plans for further studies, BMPs, and a public education program.
Kristin Bertuglia
75 S. Frontage Road
Vail, CO 81657
Colorado River Basin
Grand County Water Information Network
The Grand County Water Information Network (GCWIN) is a county-wide effort to coordinate water quality monitoring, informational, and educational programs in Grand County. The 501(c)(3) Non-profit Network works collaboratively with 47 entities to coordinate and manage water quality monitoring efforts for a better understanding of water quality concerns and issues in Grand County. The GCWIN Monitoring Manual, GIS Monitoring Site Maps, and the Water Quality Database are a few of the tools that can be found on our website.
Ryan Lokteff
P.O. Box 1503
Grand Lake, CO 80447-1503
Colorado River Basin
Greater Arkansas River Nature Association
The Greater Arkansas River Nature Association provides and promotes educational activities, volunteer projects and community involvement to conserve the natural, cultural, and historic resources of the Arkansas River. The Association actively promotes Colorado Scenic and Historic Byway designation for local roads and presents educational programs to the community explaining "Heritage" and Heritage Area Planning.
Alison Ramsey
P.O. Box 1522
Salida, CO 81201
Arkansas River Basin
The Greenlands Reserve
Our group is working on multiple forest and watershed projects. We have created a volunteer monitoring project in partnership with Friends of the Dillon Ranger District to evaluate regeneration in the Straight Creek drainage. We have a timber removal project in Breckenridge. We continue to educate on forest and watershed issues through monthly meetings bringing diverse stakeholders together. We completed a Blue River Source Water Protection Plan with the assistance of the CDPHE and multiple stakeholders.
Howard Hallman
P.O. Box 209
Frisco, CO 80443
Colorado River Basin
The Greenway Foundation
The Mission of the Greenway Foundation is to advance the South Platte River and the surrounding tributaries as a unique environmental, recreational, cultural, scientific and historical amenity that uniquely links our City's past and its future. This mission will be accomplished by creating ongoing environmental and riparian enhancements; holding property, when needed, in conservation easements; utilizing the River as an outdoor and historical learning resource, hosting free cultural events promoting the relationship between the River and music, art and theatre, providing youth employment opportunities, and by promoting good stewardship through hands-on educational programs.
Jeff Shoemaker
1855 S. Pearl Street Suite 40
Denver, CO 80210
South Platte River Basin
Groundwork Denver
The mission of Groundwork Denver (GWD) is to bring about the sustained improvement of the physical environment and promote health and well-being through community-based partnerships and action. Our goals include: To create collaborations among community and non-profit organizations, local government, businesses, and residents to improve the physical environment, while enhancing neighborhood assets and fostering community involvement and leadership. To foster environmental justice by providing expertise and education on environmental health issues, providing opportunities for residents to develop environmental leadership and job skills and improving the physical environment in low-income communities. Like many urban waterways, the lower 8 miles of the Bear Creek is impaired due to E.coli contamination. Denver is working to improve the water quality in the Bear Creek and other urban waterways by educating the public about watershed issues, working with volunteers to improve riparian habitat, and engaging stakeholders in comprehensive watershed planning.
Rachel Hansgen
3050 Champa Street
Denver, CO 80205
South Platte River Basin
Gunnison Basin & Grand Valley Selenium Task Forces
The Gunnison Basin Selenium Task Force is a group of private, local, state, and federal interests committed to reducing selenium in our affected waterways, while maintaining the economic viability, quality of life, and agricultural heritage of the Lower Gunnison Basin and Grand Valley of Western Colorado.
Sonja Chavez de Baca
114 Sandpiper Trail
Gunnison, CO 81230
Gunnison River Basin
High Country Conservation Advocates
The mission of High County Citizens' Alliance (HCCA) is to champion the protection, conservation and preservation of the natural ecosystem within the Upper Gunnison River Basin.  The HCCA works to improve instream flow protection, and water resource planning by including environmental and recreation values and needs, and to monitor, assess and restore riparian and watershed health. 
Alli Melton
P.O. Box 1066
202 Elk Avenue
Crested Butte, CO 81224
970-349-7104 ext.4
Gunnison River Basin
James Creek Watershed Initiative
The mission of the James Creek Watershed Initiative is to protect and restore the waters of James Creek and its surrounding forest. Our focus has been on reducing nonpoint source pollution from sites impacted from off-highway vehicle use and abandoned mine sites. The Initiative advocates the importance of getting involved in forest management decisions, water quality issues and building partnerships with stakeholders.
Colleen Williams
P.O. Box 110
Jamestown, CO 80455
South Platte River Basin
Keep it Clean Partnership
The primary goal of the Keep it Clean Partnership is to implement a regional stormwater management program, not only to comply with the federal Phase II stormwater regulations, but to also address broader water quality watershed issues. The Partners developed a Keep it Clean Plan, which outlined six minimum control measures to address the impact of stormwater runoff on water quality and stream health.
Janice Lopitz
3045 N. Broadway
Boulder, CO 80304
South Platte River Basin
Kerber Creek Restoration Project
The Kerber Creek Watershed is on the Section 303(d) list of impaired waters. Impairment is primarily due to heavy metal toxicity leaching from streamside mine tailings, and many sections of the stream have little riparian vegetation present. The land owners are partners in this project and have formed the Bonanza Stakeholders Group. Projects are expected to begin in 2008 and end 2012.  Thus far, over 70 acres of streamside tailings have been remediated, over 10,000 volunteer hours have been donated, and over $1.4 million has been raised. 
Main Contact
San Luis Public Lands Center
46525 Hwy 114 P.O. Box 67
Saguache, CO 81149
T 719-655-6107
F 719-655-2502
Rio Grande River Basin
Lake Fork Valley Conservancy
Through collaborative public projects, research, and education we enhance understanding of the natural resources and impacts within the Lake Fork Valley and empower our community to become stewards of their environment. In 2013 we look forward to three keystone projects. First is our initiative to stabilize channels, improve trout habitat, and create a waterfront park on the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River and Henson Creek. The second is our inaugural summer Water Festival. The third is a reclamation of the Hough Mine with the Division of Reclamation, Mining, and Safety. Throughout the year, we will continue to facilitate conservation easements, foster public discourse about sustainability, and collect water quality data with students at Lake City Community School and partners at the Bureau of Land Management.
Camille Richard
P.O. Box 123
Lake City, CO 81235
Gunnison River Basin
Lake Fork Watershed Working Group
The Lake Fork Watershed Working Group (LFWWG) is an organization created by stakeholders involved in watershed issues. The mission of the group is to represent the entire range of community and stakeholder interests in watershed activities, and to facilitate communication, acquire data, and recommend remediation and restoration activities in areas of environmental degradation.
Kato Dee
901 S. Hwy 24
Leadville, CO 80461
T 719-486-4222
F 719-486-3212
Arkansas River Basin
Land Trust of the Upper Arkansas
The Land Trust works to protect the important land and water resources in Lake, Chaffee, Fremont, Saguache, and Park Counties.  The watersheds within these counties include the Upper Arkansas and its tributaries.
Andrew Mackie
P.O. Box 942
128 East First Street
Salida, CO 81201
Arkansas River Basin
Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group
The mission of the Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group is to assess, protect, and restore the quality of the Lefthand Creek watershed, and to serve as a hub of communication about watershed issues through the fostering of stakeholder collaboration.
Glenn Patterson
P.O. Box 1074
Niwot, CO 80544-1074
South Platte River Basin
Middle Colorado Watershed Council
The Middle Colorado Watershed Council represents a strong collective voice to protect and enhance the health of the Middle Colorado River watershed. The MCWC agreed to work together to identify short and long-term opportunities for collaboration, including all stakeholders in the community. The MCWC is workingto complete a 319 funded watershed assessment of the Middle Colorado to understand water quality issues and solutions.
Laurie Rink
PO Box 1136
Glenwood Springs, CO 81602
Colorado River Basin
Our Future Summit
Our Future Summit is a non-partisan organization formed by the citizens of Summit County, Colorado to identify concrete ways to improve life in the County by providing a voice for a wide range of ordinary citizens whose opinions way not otherwise be heard.
P.O.Box 209
Frisco, CO 80443
Colorado River Basin
Owl Mountain Partnership
The Owl Mountain Partnership is currently participating in the development of three new wells for the benefit of livestock and wildlife, three new springs on public and private lands, 60 acres of re-seeding, two vegetation treatments totaling 300 acres, 2 1/2 miles of new permanent fence and materials for an additional two miles of fence that are cost share projects.  The partnership continues to contribute to the Silver Spur Grazing Management Plan.
P.O. Box 737
Walden, CO 80480
North Platte River Basin
Pine River Watershed Group
The Pine River Watershed Group a volunteer organization, coordinates the collection and compilation of water quality and quantity data in the upper Pine River Watershed and Vallecito Reservoir.  The group monitors oxygen, pH, conductivity, turbidity, iron, manganese, temperature, ammonia, phosphorus, TDS, and nitrate levels using USGS and EPA protocols.  The Pine River Watershed Group has been in continuous operation since 1999 and depends totally on charitable donations and volunteer hours to cover the cost and man hours.  This work has been recognized by the USDA/NRCS, EPA and the President of the United States Volunteer Programs.
c/o San Juan RC&D
954 E. 2nd Ave. Suite 104
Durango, CO 81302
Southwest Basin
Purgatoire Watershed Partnership
The Purgatoire Watershed Partnership's mission is to proactively acquire and maintain a watershed-wide stakeholder partnership aimed at the assessment, restoration, protection, and improvement of all aspects regarding the Purgatoire River watershed.
Karen Wolf
3590 E Main Street
Trinidad, CO 81082
Arkansas River Basin
Republican River Watershed Association
The mission of the Republican River Watershed Association is to keep sustainable agriculture in the watershed, recognizing the stewards are vital to taking care of the land.
Harley Ernst
2860 Rd QQ
Flagger, CO 80815
T 970-357-4258
C 970-554-1184
Arkansas River Basin
Ridgway Ouray Community Coalition (ROCC)
The Ridgway Ouray Community Coalition is a Ouray county organization whose mission includes building, nourishing, and protecting a healthy spirit of community. ROCC is dedicated to a broad range of quality of life issues and projects in Ouray County which includes promoting sustainable environmental practices within the region, and promoting socially responsible and economically practical land use policy while maintaining respect for citizens property rights.
Jen Parker
P.O. Box 1077
Ridgway, CO 81432
Gunnison River Basin
Rio Grande Headwaters Land Trust
The Rio Grande Headwaters Land Trust is the local land trust of the San Luis Valley. Our mission is to conserve our land, water and way of life in Colorado's San Luis Valley. The Land Trust works to conserve strategic and critical private land in the Valley, including a special program, the Rio Grande Initiative, to conserve 25,000 acres along the Rio Grande river corridor.
Nancy Butler
P.O. Box 444
Del Norte, CO 81132
Rio Grande River Basin
Rio Grande Headwaters Restoration Project
The Rio Grande Headwaters Restoration Project (RGHRP) was formed to implement the recommendations of a study completed in 2001. The 2001 Study, prompted by local stakeholders, analyzed the condition of a 91-mile reach of the Rio Grande and provided recommendations for improvement. The RGHRP administers projects through 3 Programs: the steambank stabilization and riparian restoration program, the diversion and headgate repair and replacement program, and the outreach and education program. The projects are completed through collaboration with local, state, and federal entities and have yielded improved water quality, reduced streambank erosion, increased sediment transport capacity, increased quality of riparian areas and habitat, proper functioning floodplains, and increased diversion efficiency.
Heather Dutton
623 Fourth Street
Alamosa, CO 81101
Rio Grande River Basin
River Protection Workgroup (SW Colorado)
The River Protection Workgroup is a project that is forming local workgroups on five (5) selected river/ stream segments (Animas River, Piedra River, Hermosa Creek, Upper San Juan- East and West Forks and Vallecito Creek/Pine River).  The purpose is to engage local stakeholders from many sectors in defining strategies for the protection of important values-- human, social, ecological and economic.  In some cases, the local workgroups take a watershed approach.  Once the workgroups conclude in 2012, a "Regional Discussion" will occur to define broad, regional strategies for protection of values while allowing suitable water development to continue.  All the meeting minutes, workgroups' reports, etc. are all on the website along with a process model handout, information sheets on each river/streams studied were found to be suitable (or in some cases eligible) for Wild and Scenic River status by the San Juan Public Lands Center in its 2007 Draft Land Management Plan (USFS/BLM).
Marsha Porter-Norton
P.O. Box 4506
Durango, CO 81301
Southwest Basin
Roaring Fork Conservancy
Roaring Fork Conservancy is the watershed conservation organization for the Roaring Fork Watersehd that brings people together to protect our rivers.  We focus on water quantity, water quality and riparian habitat protection.  2012 projects include: completing the Roaring Fork Watershed Plan, initiating citizen river temperature monitoring program (hot spots for trout), macro-invertebrate study, planning Coal Basin restoration (technical workshop held May of 2012), drought awareness campaign (stream flow reports via email and local radio, drought alert in local papers), and a water conservation campaign.  The future River Center won a prestigious Merit Award from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Colorado West chapter.  Project architect Harry Teague accepted the Merit Award in the Unbuilt category on behalf of the organization in late August 2012.
Rick Lofaro
P.O. Box 3349
Basalt, CO 81621
Colorado River Basin
Rocky Mountain Field Institute
Rocky Mountain Field Institute is dedicated to the conservation and stewardship of public lands in the Southern Rocky Mountain region through volunteer-based trail and restoration projects, environmental education, and restoration research. We work with over 1,300 community volunteers every year restoring watersheds, rehabilitating burn areas, reconstructed damaged trails, and completing revegetation work in impacted natural areas. Current work sites include: Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods Park, Hayman Burn Area, Fountain Creek, Shelf Road Recreation Area, and Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range.
Jennifer Peterson
815 South 25th St., Ste 101
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
Arkansas River Basin
San Juan Citizens' Alliance
San Juan Citizens' Alliance is a grass roots organization dedicated to social, economic and environmental justice in the San Juan Basin. We organize San Juan Basin residents to protect our water and air, our public lands, our rural character, and our unique quality of life while embracing the diversity of our region’s people, economy and ecology. The San Juan Citizens’ Alliance works to preserve high quality water and adequate stream flows in the Four Corners Region of Colorado and New Mexico. The Alliance works through local stakeholder groups, the rulemaking of the Water Quality Control Commission, as well as through public opinion and the courts to protect water quality and preserve free-flowing rivers.
P.O. Box 2461
Durango, CO 81302
Southwest Basin
San Juan RC&D
San Juan RC&D is a 501(c)3 organization that promotes sustainable communities and improves the quality of life through economic development and the conservation of natural resources.  We provide project sponsorship, technical assistance and administration to over 15 projects in the 5 counties that make up SW Colorado.
Pam Beam
PO Box 11006
Durango, CO 81301
Southwest Basin
San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council
The mission of the San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council (SLVEC) is to protect and restore, through research, education, and advocacy, the biological diversity, ecosystems, and natural resources of the Upper Rio Grande bioregion, balancing ecological values and human needs.
Christine Canaly
P.O. Box 223
Alamosa, CO 81101
Rio Grande River Basin
San Luis Valley Wetlands Focus Area Committee
The Wetlands Committee serves as a forum for federal and state agencies, local and regional districts, non-profit conservation groups and interested citizens working collaboratively to protect and restore wetlands in the San Luis Valley. This group also serves as the non-consumptive needs committee for the Rio Grande Basin Round Table.
Peter Clark
Rio de la Vista
P.O. Box 777
Monte Vista, CO 81144
Rio Grande River Basin
San Miguel Watershed Coalition
The San Miguel Watershed Coalition monitors water quality throughout the San Miguel watershed. The Coalition supports restoration efforts to improve river health and sponsors twice yearly forums to address issues critical to the health of the watershed and the well being of our communities.
Sarah Bobbe
P.O. Box 1601
Telluride, CO 81435
Southwest Basin
Sand Creek Regional Greenway
Sand Creek Regional Greenway is a 14-mile public greenway that connects the High Line Canal and Colfax Avenue in Aurora with the South Platte River Greenway through the cities of Aurora, Denver, and Commerce City. Plans are under way to extend the greenway another 16 miles from Colfax Avenue to the Aurora Reservoir. When the greenway is complete, there will be 30+ miles of off-road trails, eight major parks, restored habitat and river corridor protection, connections to other major trails, and environmental, cultural, industrial, and educational interpretation all along the greenway.
Katherine (Kate) Kramer
7350 East 29th Ave. Suite 204
Denver, CO 80238
South Platte River Basin
Save the Poudre: Poudre's Waterkeeper
Save the Poudre: Poudre Waterkeeper’s (STP) mission is to protect and restore the Cache la Poudre River of northern Colorado.  The river is threatened by several proposed dam and reservoir projects in addition to already being severely depleted.  STP is also working to educate the public about the health of the Poudre River and to create a significant “instream flow” program for the river.
Gary Wockner
P.O. Box 20
Fort Collins, CO 80522
South Platte River Basin
Snake River Watershed Task Force
The Snake River Basin Task Force is a voluntary collaborative effort initiated by those concerned about water quality of the Snake River to gather more information regarding sources of water quality problems and identify opportunities to improve water quality in the watershed.
Julie Shapiro
1628 St. John Rd.
Keystone, CO 80435
Colorado River Basin
South Platte Coalition for Urban River Evaluation
The South Platte Coalition for Urban River Evaluation is an organization with a broad-based membership and watershed focus. SPCURE maintains a well-coordinated monitoring program and develops water quality modeling tools needed to make sound scientific decisions. SPCURE is currently forming a Monitoring Framework to address data and science issues associated with the new nutrient regulations.
Sarah Reeves
1697 Cole Blvd., Suite 200
Golden, CO 80401
South Platte River Basin
Thompson Divide Coalition
The mission of the Thompson Divide Coalition is to secure permanent protection from oil and gas development on Federal lands in the Thompson Divide Area including the Thompson Creek and Four Mile Creek watersheds, as well as portions of the Muddy Basin, Coal Basin, and the headwaters of East Divide Creek.
Zane Kessler
PO Box 2045
Carbondale, CO 81623
Gunnison River Basin
Three Lakes Watershed Association
Landowners surrounding Grand Lake, Lake Granby, and Shadow Mountain Reservoir established the Three Lakes Watershed Association to monitor water quality in the lakes affected by the Colorado-Big Thompson Project. The Association works in conjunction with public and private stakeholders to monitor lake health, including algae and plant growth, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen content.
Canton O'Donnell
P.O. Box 1718
Grand Lake, CO 80447
Colorado River Basin
Uncompahgre Partnership
The Uncompahgre Partnership (formerly known as the Uncompahgre Plateau Project) is a collaborative partnership between the Public Lands Partnership (PLP), Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Colorado Division of Wildlife (CDOW), and US Forest Service (USFS), Western Area Power Administration and Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association. The goal of the UP is to develop a collaborative approach to improve the ecosystem health and natural functions of the landscape, using best available science, community input and adaptive management.
Gunnison River Basin
 Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership
The Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership (UWP) is a grassroots coalition of citizens, nonprofits, local and regional governments, and federal and state agencies dedicated to understanding the Uncompahgre Watershed. Our mission is to protect and restore the Upper Uncompahgre River Watershed through coordinated community and agency efforts and to build an informed and engaged citizenry on watershed issues. We strive for a healthy river in a thriving community. The UWP is currently working on establishing water education programs in local schools, fundraising for mine remediation and river corridor restoration, and holding regular stakeholder meetings to solicit input from our community.
Agnieszka Przeszlowska
P.O. Box 392
Ridgway, CO 81432
Gunnison River Basin
Upper Arkansas River Restoration Project
The Project was initiated to assess and remediate historic fluvial mine tailings in the "11-mile reach" of the Arkansas River from the confluence of California Gulch to Kobe. The Project is entering the remediation and renovation stage using over $26 million from mining company settlements. The Project has also been influential on the group of federal trustees and mining companies formed to assess natural resource damages and determine alternative restoration activities.
Greg Brunjak
P.O. Box 27
Leadville, CO 80461
Arkansas River Basin
Upper Clear Creek Watershed Association
In 1993, local upper Clear Creek entities and downstream users developed a plan to coordinate water quality issues relating to nutrients in Clear Creek, resulting in the development of the Upper Clear Creek Watershed Association. Our membership includes municipalities, counties, dischargers and related entities located in the upper Clear Creek watershed in Clear Creek, Gilpin and Jefferson counties.  UCCWA is the designated 208 management agency responsible for testing, monitoring, overseeing and reporting water quality and water resource issues throughout the upper portion of the Clear Creek Watershed.
Phyllis Adams
P.O. Box 3058
Idaho Springs, CO 80452-3058
South Platte River Basin
Upper Yampa Watershed Group
The Upper Yampa Watershed Group is committed to the chemical, physical and biological health of the upper Yampa River and its tributaries. We have formed an Advisory Group and are working on creating a Watershed Plan through the 319 grant process.
Lyn Halliday
1475 Pine Grove Road,
Suite 201a
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

Yampa, White & Green River Basin
Ute Mountain Ute Tribe
The Ute Mountain Ute Tribe Water Quality Program is a Clean Water Act funded program that monitors and assesses water quality on the Ute Mountain Ute Reservation and implements projects and programs to mitigate water pollution.  Ute Mountain Ute Reservation Waters in Colorado include the Mancos, McElmo and lower San Juan watersheds.  There are now 3 Watershed Assesment Reports available on the group website where you can view the group's progress. 
Scott Clow
520 Sunset Blvd.
P.O. Box 448
Towaoc, CO 81334
Southwest Basin
Water Center at Colorado Mesa University
The Water Center at CMU promotes education, research and dialogue to address the water issues facing the Upper Colorado River Basin. Projects include organizing seminars, tours, an e-newsletter, newspaper columns, and an annual Upper Colorado River Basin water conference.
Hannah Holm
1100 North Avenue
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Colorado River Basin
Westerly Creek Connection (WCC)
In June 2011 the Denver City Council approved the Westerly Creek Greenway Master Plan prepared by WCC. Aurora did not formally adopt the plan, but many of the concepts from the plan, especially stream daylighting where feasible, have the support of the City Council and staff. Those concepts were incorporated in Aurora’s application to FEMA for funding to replace the culvert crossing of Montview Boulevard with a bridge crossing. Making extensive use of landscape architecture Vision Sketches, WCC explored possibilities for restoration in the nine-block reach between 11th Avenue and Montview Boulevard. While working with the Urban Drainage & Flood Control District, Aurora & Denver, WCC prepared a Greenway Master Plan that will achieve goals of flood protection, recreation & aesthetics, community connectivity, and economic redevelopment. WCC is continuing to work with partners to carry on the work of connecting the greenway at Lowry with the greenway at Stapleton.
Brian Hyde
1629 Locust St.
Denver, CO 80220
Denver Metro Basin
Willow Creek Reclamation Committee
Our mission is to improve water quality and habitat, reducing flood risks, reclaim areas impacted by mining, and preserve historic structures in the Willow Creek watershed in ways that are practical, cost effective, and beneficial to the economic sustainability of the Creede community. We are currently working on a watershed plan and a large project involving remediation at the confluence with the Rio Grande River.
Guinevere Nelson
P.O. Box 518
Creede, CO 81130
Rio Grande River Basin