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Colorado's Water Plan
Colorado’s Water Plan will provide a path forward for providing Coloradans with the water we need while supporting healthy watersheds and the environment, robust recreation and tourism economies, vibrant and sustainable cities, and viable and productive agriculture. Click here for more information and to get involved!

  • The Colorado Watershed Assembly also has information about Colorado's Water Plan on our blog. It's also a great place for interested citizens to start a conversation about where to start and how they can get involved. 
  • The Colorado Foundation for Water Education has ongoing blog posts, radio programs, and other events that will involve aspects of the Colorado Water Plan. Check out their website
  • The South Platte Basin Implementation Plan Website has a number of resources on the Colorado Water Plan as well as information specifically for those in the South Platte Basin. 
  • Information about the Colorado Water Plan's Water Quality Forum can be found here.  

2013 Flood Recovery Effort Information 

Maps and Other Links

  • Waldo Canyon Fire Impacts and Recovery Map (2013) - The Coalition for the Upper South Platte created the Waldo Canyon Fire Impacts and Recovery Map in 2013. The interactive map tells the story of the Waldo Canyon Fire, emphasizing that flooding is nothing new to the areas surrounding the burn scar and rehab has truly been a collaborative effort. 
  • Map: The United States of Watersheds (2013) - An article by the Washington Post about John Wesley Powell's United States of Watersheds map. There was also an interview on Colorado Matters (Colorado Public Radio) with John Lavey on his United States of Watersheds map.
  • EPA's Surf Your Watershed - Use the map on the website to find your watershed of interest, as well as more information on that particular watershed, such as water quality data, flows, and environmental groups in the area. 
  • EPA EnviroAtlas Ecosystem Mapping Tool -The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released EnviroAtlas, a web-based interactive tool that integrates over 300 separate data layers, helps decision makers understand the implications of planning and policy decisions on our fragile ecosystems and the communities who depend on goods and services from these ecosystems. 
  • Planning and Drought Guide from the American Planning Association - The new publication “Planning and Drought” offers a comprehensive guide for citizens, planners and communities to explore what drought is, how to track it, its impacts, and how planners and communities can prepare to mitigate its effects. The volume includes eight case studies illustrating the range of drought’s consequences and how different organizations prepared for and responded to them. 
  • The Colorado Water Stewardship Project - Visit the website to stay informed as the CWSP monitors ballot filings and legal actions for a Public Trust Doctrine, assess the public level of knowledge and support for the doctrine, and create and implement a communication and action plan to inform water stakeholders.
  • EPA Climate Assessment Update to the National Stormwater Calculator - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released phase II of the National Stormwater Calculator and Climate Assessment Tool package. The updated calculator includes future climate vulnerability scenarios.
  • Colorado State University Water Resources Archive - More than 43,000 pages of primary source materials related to water use and history in Colorado are now freely available online. The Colorado State University Water Resources Archive recently scanned and posted the items that include reports, images, oral histories and data thanks to a $50,000 grant from the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB).
  • Red Lodge Clearinghouse -Provides information regarding laws and the governance of natural resource in the West that is useful to collaborators and stewards.
  • 5280 Magazine, April 2010 Article: Dry Times - An article summarizing water in Colorado and adapting to a dry climate in a time of population growth.
  • Project WET: Educational Resources -World Wide Water Education: Water Education for Teachers.  This successful education resource aims to Educate. Empower. Act. The mission of Project WET is to reach children, parents, educators and communities of the world with water education. We invite you to join us in educating children about the most precious resource on the planet — water.
  • EPA Healthy Watersheds -This EPA fact sheet provides information on watershed health and links to other resources that can help you determine the health of the watershed you live in and other necessary tools to help revitalize your watershed, and better understand the direct connection between a healthy watershed and economic benefits in your community. 
  • The Johnson Foundation - The Johnson Foundation plans and hosts meeting that have an impact on the future of the environment and the community.  By intentionally bringing together people with significant interests and initiating collective thought, the Foundation acts as a catalyst for positive and lasting change, which will ultimately lead to healthier environments and communities.
  • EPA Releases Recovery Potential Screening Website to Assist Restoration Planners - EPA announces the release of a new technical assistance tool for state and watershed-level surface water quality protection and restoration programs: the Recovery Potential Screening website.  Recovery Potential Screening is a flexible approach for comparing relative differences in restorability among impaired waters across a state, watershed or other area.  The website provides step-by-step screening directions, restorability indicators and literature, and tools for scoring and displaying results.

Interesting Movies about Water:

  • Remains of a River - In October 2011, Will Stauffer-Norris and Zak Podmore began hiking down from the headwaters of the Green River in Wyoming’s Wind River Mountains. 113 days later, they emerged muddy and bearded from the Gulf of California in Mexico after hiking and paddling for over 1,700 miles. Learn more about their trip by watching the movie!
  • Watershed Groups on the Upper Colorado River - This is an educational video from CSU describes the watershed groups in the Colorado River Basin. Click here for the movie
  • Watershed - Executive Produced and Narrated by Robert Redford and Directed by award-winning filmmaker, Mark Decena, Watershed tells the story of the threats to the once-mighty Colorado River and offers solutions for the future of the American West.
  • United Water and Sanitation District - United Water and Sanitation District's 10-year history of delivering innovative and sustainable solutions to Front Range water providers and communities are chronicled in a new video! Click here to check it out.
  • New Video Presents the Human Impact on the Water Cycle - The WateReuse Research Foundation recently released The Ways of Water, an animated video that presents an overview of the many human interventions in the water cycle and looks at the benefits of some key water provision options including Direct Potable Reuse (DPR). The video avoids the technical jargon common in the water industry and provides an easy-to-understand presentation of the urban water cycle and water purification. 

Informative Websites for Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds:

  • Drinking Water SRF overviewHow the Drinking Water SRF can be used for water conservation and efficiency.
  • Conservation Maven -This website is an online hub that profiles the latest groundbreaking conservation studies, field news, books and funding opportunities.
  • USFS Water Web Resources -The Forest Service has designated water as a top priority and is working to build awareness of the forest-to-faucet link through web-based public education.
  • Colorado Water Quality Monitoring Council - The Colorado Water Quality Monitoring Council serves as a statewide collaborative body, open to all, to help achieve effective goal identification, data collection, data analysis, data retrieval, and reporting/dissemination of water quality data, and monitoring information.
  • Wildlands CPR -Wildlands CPR revives and protects wild places by promoting watershed restoration through road removal, preventing new wildland road construction and stopping off-road vehicle abuse.
  • Good Samaritan: Educating the Public About the Imperative for Legislation to Support Private Mine Reclamation Efforts -This website is designed to inform and educate people about a legal issue that severely hampers mine remediation and reclamation at inactive and abandoned mine sites. Visit the website.
  • EPA's website on green infrastructure .
  • Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority
  • Watershed Central - This website is designed to provide state, local, and voluntary watershed management entities with a variety of tools and information that will aid in successful watershed management.
  • Environmental News Network - Great article on climate change's effect on watersheds.