Message From Our Executive Director

Citizen watershed groups are the true workhorses and implementers of actual on-the-ground projects that protect, conserve or enhance the natural resource values of local communities. Without these volunteer stewards, little would actually get done. No agency or organization can rally support, develop partnerships, build coalitions or raise funds like the residents of a community.

The Colorado Watershed Assembly is an advocate and support network for a statewide coalition of over 70 local citizen groups working to protect the water quality and health of their unique watersheds. CWA’s mission is to provide leadership and support to Colorado’s watershed groups, increasing their ability to protect, conserve and enhance our state’s watersheds. We envision having strong and successful local watershed groups representing every Colorado watershed, sustaining healthy land, water and economies while working in a collaborative fashion with diverse stakeholders and interests. The Assembly provides a statewide voice to increase public awareness of watershed issues and plays a variety of roles in supporting grassroots organizations. We offer leadership training, watershed planning services, monitoring programs, assist member organizations with fundraising, represent the groups’ priorities before state and federal agencies and keep the groups informed about important events and opportunities. We know first-hand the potential of these watershed guardians and strive to maximize it with every opportunity.

We accomplish our mission through a holistic approach to providing services including:
  • Colorado River Watch – The largest generator of water quality data in the state utilizing a vast network of student and adult volunteers who monitor the health and condition of their local river or stream. The use of volunteers trained in state approved protocols makes this program cost-effective and unrivaled in its statewide focus, frequency of data collection and quality of functional data for high level decision making.
  • Inflow Network - Information distribution of a free weekly electronic newsletter on funding opportunities, events, training programs, conferences, jobs and related watershed news.
  • Measurable Results Program - Documents performance targets, milestones and the overall success of river restoration projects by collecting chemical, biological and/or physical habitat data in order to characterize the aquatic environment and watershed health.
  • Annual Watershed Conference - Informs participants about new issues and innovative projects and provides networking opportunities for citizen groups to interact and expand cooperation and collaboration in natural resource conservation, protection and enhancement. We invite you to join the ever-growing movement of citizen conservationism. Contact us anytime for further information on how you can make a difference in your community.

Casey Davenhill
Interim Executive Director