Funding Opportunities List

Below you will find information on governmental and non-government funding sources for restoration projects and organizational capacity building. The Assembly will continually add new opportunities and update information on existing opportunities.

The Colorado Watershed Assembly is always available to assist in developing funding strategies and provide advice when applying for grants. Please feel free to contact the Assembly.

Private Funding Opportunities

Acorn Foundation
Geographic Focus: The Acorn Foundation currently prioritizes funding to organizations based in the western and southern United States.
Project Focus: The Foundation is particularly interested in small and innovative community-based projects that engage in community organizing in order to:
  • Preserve and restore habitats supporting biological diversity and wildlife;
  • Advocate for environmental justice, particularly in low-income and indigenous communities;
  • Prevent or remedy toxic pollution.
General operating and project support are provided.


Amgen Foundation

Geographic Focus: United States and Europe
Program Focus: The Foundation is committed to raising the value of science literacy on a national and local level.
  • Pivotal hands-on science experience: Support programs that provide students and teachers with opportunities for hands-on, inquiry-based learning experiences that significantly impact students’ excitement about science and scientific careers.
Organizations may only submit one request a year for funding.


Andrus Family Fund

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Project Focus: Grants are awarded to organizations working to resolve:
  • conservation conflict,
  • identity-based conflict
  • police-community conflict.
AFF will fund community reconciliation projects within the United States that put the transition model to the test in addressing one of AFF's three priority issues (listed above).

AFF does not make grants to/for endowments, capital improvements, fundraising events/sponsorships, international projects, scholarships, loans, or individuals.


Arthur B. Schultz Foundation
Geographic Focus: Primarily the "Yellowstone to Yukon" region in the Northern Rockies
Project Focus:
  • Organizations and initiatives promoting conservation of healthy wildland ecosystems and wildlife habitat, including supporting research and advocacy.
  • Programs supporting outdoor adventure opportunities and mobility solutions for the disabled.
  • Socially and environmentally responsible entrepreneurial projects in the developing world.
  • Initiatives designed to promote global peace and understanding between people of different nations and ethnic backgrounds.

Ben and Jerry's Foundation

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Project Focus: Supports projects that lead to societal, institutional and/or environmental change; address the root causes of social or environmental problems; and lead to new ways of thinking and acting.
Projects must: help ameliorate an unjust or destructive situation by empowering constituents; facilitate leadership development and strengthen the self-empowerment efforts of those who have traditionally been disenfranchised in our society; and support movement building and collective action.

LOIs are required.


BoatU.S. Foundation Clean Water Grants Program

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Projects Supported: education, reduce movement of invasive species, construction of boat wash stations

2008 Focus Topic: Invasive Species


Boeing Charitable Contributions

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Funding Interests: Boeing partners with nonprofit organizations, schools, and others to work on projects that are strategically focused on a few key areas that can have a measurable impact. They focus their community involvement in five U.S. Focus Areas: education, health and human services, arts and culture, civic, and the environment.

Types of Support: Boeing provides grants as well as donates surplus goods (e.g., computers and office equipment) to organizations within their five major areas of support. These services include loaned employees, printing, graphics, technical support and transportation.


Geographic Focus: Fort Collins, Colorado
Funding Interests: The Bohemian Foundation looks for agencies and programs encompassing the following three aspects:
  • Have clear, strong evaluation systems with high expectations for youth, are responsive to backgrounds, interests and needs of youth and families, and serve a broad cross section of youth.
  • Collaborate; avoid duplication of services and maximize efficiency.
  • Are vocal, innovative, and resourceful when promoting issues of public awareness.
Types of Support: Pharos Fund grants, which are available for general operating support, capital projects, equipment purchases, technical assistance and program support.


Bridgestone Firestone Trust Fund

Geographic Focus: Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin

Emphasis on communities with company facilities, including Aurora, CO

Project Focus: Contributions are given to organizations and initiatives which support the goal of conserving, protecting, and improving the environment.


Build a Bear Workshop Foundation

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Program Focus: The Build-A-Bear Workshop Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to improving communities and impacting lives through unique philanthropic programs that help children and families, animals and the environment.

The Build-A-Bear Workshop Foundation reviews grants for these causes on a rolling basis. The Build-A-Bear Workshop Foundation desires to support organizations that help children and families, animals and the environment directly. Grants range between $1,000 and $10,000 with the average grant being $2,500.

The foundation does not fund: capital campaigns, fundraising sponsorships or events, political activities, or religious organizations for religious purposes.


Case Foundation - Make It Your Own Award

Geographic Focus: 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, or Puerto Rico
Funding Interests: individuals, and individuals working with small organizations and groups, who join together to imagine and implement innovative ideas and solutions that lay the groundwork for long-term social change.

Center for Invasive Plant Management

Geographic Focus: Western United States
Funding Interests:
  • Restoration-returning an area of land to a previous or unimpaired condition.
  • Reclamation-converting degraded lands to productive or desired use.
  • Revegetation-causing vegetation to grow again.
Types of Support: In 2007, CIPM will award research grants in two areas: Seed Money and Improving Invasive Plant Management Decision Making.


Christensen Fund

Geographic Focus: Four Corners Region
Projects Supported: general support; project support; seed money; equipment; project planning; conferences, seminars, and workshops; capacity building; endowment; and, technical assistance.


Colorado River District Grant Program

Geographic Focus: Colorado
Program Focus: Eligible projects should address 1 or more of the following:
  1. Development of a new water supply
  2. Improvement of an existing water supply system
  3. Measures to improve instream water quality
  4. Measures which promote water use efficiency
  5. Sediment reduction measures
  6. Implementation of watershed management actions
  7. Tamarisk control measures
Application deadline is January 30.


Colorado Tree Coalition Grant Program

Geographic Focus: Colorado
Project Focus: These grants are for tree-related projects and community forestry promotional activities only. An educational component should be included in each project. Projects which enhance good community tree planting, care or maintenance, are eligible. In general, projects must be on public property, but projects on private property that provide public benefit and access are acceptable. In 2008, grant dollars will be divided into 4 tiers (Management/Maintenance; Media; Tree Planting; and Xcel Utility)


Community Foundation Serving Boulder County

Geographic Focus: Boulder County
Projects Supported: specific projects, unrestricted expenses, capital campaigns, start-ups endowments and technical assistance.

Primary funding areas include: the Arts, Civic Engagement, Education, the Environment, and Health and Human Services.


Compton Foundation Environment and Sustainability

Geographic Focus: Nationwide, international programs are also supported
Program Focus: The Compton Foundation was founded to address community, national, and international concerns in the following areas of interest: Peace and Security Issues, Population and Reproductive Health, Environment and Sustainability

The goals of the Environment and Sustainability program are:
  • advancing ecologically healthy, economically sustainable, and socially just visions for the management and use of fresh water in the western U.S.;
  • reduce the U.S. contribution to the global climate crisis; and,
  • promote community-based strategies to support healthy ecosystems and thriving rural communities.

Conservation Alliance

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Project Focus:
  • Seek to protect a specific wild land or waterway for its habitat and recreational values.
  • Engage grassroots citizen action in support of the conservation effort. We do not fund general education or scientific research projects.
  • Quantifiable with specific goals, objectives, and action plans, and should include a clear measure for evaluating success.
  • Have a good chance of closure or significant measurable results over a fairly short term (one to three years).

Constellation Energy Ecostar Grant Program

Geographic Focus: Continental 50 states with the exception of AZ, GA, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, WY
Project Focus: Project should fit at least one of five environmental focus areas: Pollution Prevention, Education, Energy Efficiency, Conservation, or Community Activism.

Application Deadline for EcoStar Grants: March 16 (annually)


David & Lucile Packard Foundation, Conservation and Science Program

Geographic Scope: Nationwide
Conservation and Science Program, sub-program Western Conservation
Project Focus: Western Land Protection, Western Watershed Restoration, Strengthening Resilience through Adaptive Climate Change Management and Broadening Environmental Constituencies.


DoGooder Nonprofit Video Award

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Program Focus: The contest will award a total of $10,000 in grants, funded by the Case Foundation, to the best videos of the year found in the YouTube Nonprofit Program—a special program that YouTube designed to help nonprofits achieve their missions. Submit any video your organization made last year by March 19, when a set of nonprofit and media professionals will select 16 finalists to compete in a public vote. Awards will go to organizations of all sizes, including a special award for Best Innovation in Video.


Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Program Goal: To accelerate the conservation of essential habitats identified in state wildlife action plans.

  • Identify Critical Lands – This strategy supports state efforts to develop and implement wildlife action plans that identify priority lands for habitat conservation.
  • Implement Land Protection – This strategy supports the protection of priority areas identified in state wildlife action plans, the development of new sources of conservation funding, and the integration of state wildlife action plans into local, regional and national planning efforts.
  • Build Conservation Knowledge – This strategy supports training, research and education initiatives that advance the Environment Program’s mission.

Earth Friends Wildlife Foundation

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Program Focus: Our challenge grant can be used to raise new money from your board, from membership, from foundations. Funds raised can go for your selected purposes - they are “unrestricted funds.” Our grant is used for marketing and fundraising purposes only.



Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Program Focus: Our challenge grant can be used to raise new money from your board, from membership, from foundations. Funds raised can go for your selected purposes - they are “unrestricted funds.” Our grant is used for marketing and fundraising purposes only.


Excel Energy Foundation

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Program Focus: Environmental awareness, education, and partnerships


Firedoll Foundation Environmental Conservation

Geographic Focus: Nationwide, with an emphasis on the Western US
Program Focus: The Foundation supports a variety of approaches to preserving the environment, including legal action, scientific inquiry, legislative advocacy and direct action.

The Foundation is particularly interested in projects involving regional cooperation and those that combine conservation with environmentally sustainable development, giving local people a stake in conservation. In the western United States, the Foundation awards grants on a range of issues from protection of old growth forests and rivers to the preservation and rebuilding of eastern Pacific fish stocks.


FishAmerica Foundation Conservation Grants

Geographic Focus: U.S. & Canada
Projects Supported: habitat improvement, streambank stabilization, aeration systems, fishery reefs, silt removal, planting vegetation, improving fish passage, hatchery construction/renovation, stocking & rearing projects, litter cleanup, heavy equipment rental for projects


Freeport-McMoRan Charitable Giving Program

Geographic Scope: Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico; primarily company communities (Henderson & Climax Mines in Colorado)
Funding Categories: education, environmental quality & education, community & civic development


Fund For Wild Nature

Geographic Scope: Nationwide
Funding Categories: action for wildlife, for rivers, for wilderness, for the places that support the interdependent life that sustains our planet

The Fund for Wild Nature invests in cutting-edge grassroots organizations and innovative conservation efforts that meet emerging needs for protecting biodiversity and wilderness.
Grant money can go to: Project-oriented expenses; general overhead is not funded


Gates Family Foundation

Geographic Focus: Colorado
Project Focus: Parks, Conservation and Recreation and Community Development and Revitalization


Greenlee Family Foundation

Geographic Focus: Emphasis on Boulder County, the Four Corners area, and Summit County
Project Focus:
  • archaeological preservation and education;
  • environmental education;
  • arts and culture, including museums and libraries;
  • Native American issues.
Grant money can go to: General support, project support, technical assistance; matching grants; and, capital expenditures (only as matching grants).


Harder Foundation

Geographic Focus: Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming
Project Focus: In 2008, focused funding areas include:
  • temperate federal forest protection;
  • energy development on public lands;
  • near-shore marine and estuary conservation; and,
  • river conservation and salmon habitat.

Home Depot Building Healthy Communities Grant Program

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Program Focus: Grants, up to $2,500, are now available to registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, public schools or tax-exempt public service agencies in the U.S. who are using the power of volunteers to improve the physical health of their community. Grants are made in the form of The Home Depot gift cards for the purchase or tools or materials.

All applicants are required to pass an eligibility quiz before applying. Organizations that pass will be considered, but not guaranteed a grant.

Intermountain West Funder Network (IMWFN)

Geographic Focus: The Intermountain West Funder Network focuses on the eight-state region of Montana Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Neveda, Arizona, and New Mexico.  Additionally, they recognize Eastern Washington, Oregon, and California regions with similar geographic and topographic resource challenges. 
Project Focus: IMWFN funds small grant opportunities providing between $2,500 - $15,000 used to support projects engaged in innovative problem solving in their communities. IMWFN hopes these grants will promote authentic community engagement that leads to environmentally sustainable, socially equitable, and economically prosperous regions and communities.

The application deadline is September 14, 2012 at 5 p.m. MT. 


Liz Claiborne and Art Ortenberg Foundation

Geographic Focus: The intermountain west, with an emphasis on Montana. Organizations in developing countries are also supported.
Project Focus: The Foundation supports field projects that satisfy the following criteria:
designed and supported by the local people most directly affected;
  • modest in scale at its inception;
  • has clearly stated objectives and include measurable and verifiable indices of success; and,
  • designed and justified on sound criteria and firm scientific grounds.
Types of support include: project support, general support, advocacy, research, and project planning.


Maki Foundation

Geographic Focus: The Maki Foundation's primary concern is environmental protection in the western United States with an emphasis on Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.
Project Focus: Currently, the Foundation's priorities are as follows:
  • wilderness and wild lands protection;
  • river and wetlands conservation;
  • biological diversity conservation; and,
  • public lands management.

Max and Anna Levinson Foundation

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Project Focus: The Foundation focuses on the Environment, including: Protection of Ecosystems and Biological Diversity; Alternative Energy and Conversion from the Oil Economy; Alternative Agriculture and Local Green Economic Development; Breaking the Link Between Resource Extraction, Civil and International Conflict, and Markets; and the Development of Environmental Movements.

The Foundation does not consider grants for capital programs or traditional charitable programs. The Foundation cannot provide ongoing support for the basic programs of any single organization.


Melinda Gray Ardia Environmental Foundation

Geographic Focus: Worldwide
Program Focus: This grant provides funding support for any organization that can provide curricula to empower and encourage students to become involved in solving environmental and social problems as informed decision makers through the emphasis and application of basic ecological principles.

The deadline for the pre-proposal is September 20, 2009 and the full proposal is due September 25, 2009. The foundation provides grants up to $1,500 but will consider funding full scale projects that cost more, as long as additional information is provided.


Mitsubishi International Corporation Foundation

Geographic Focus: Programs in countries in North America, South America, and Central America are supported.
Project Focus: Grants are provided in the following four categories --
  • environmental education;
  • conservation and biodiversity;
  • environmental justice; and,
  • sustainable development.
The foundation supports specific projects and their related costs.


National Fish and Wildlife Foundation: Bring Back the Natives

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Program Focus: Focuses on restoring, protecting, and enhancing native aquatic species, especially on lands on or adjacent to federal agency lands. This program funds projects that initiate partnerships with private landowners, demonstrate successful collaborative efforts, and address watershed health issues. Grants averaging $60,000 are provided to nonprofit organizations; universities; Native American tribes; and local, state, and federal agencies. These grants encourage a $2 non-federal match for each federal dollar requested by applicants.

Online pre-proposals are due December 1, 2009; full proposals must be submitted by February 1, 2010.


National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Project Focus: The Partners Program provides technical and financial assistance to private landowners and Tribes who are willing to work with the Fish and Wildlife Service and other partners on a voluntary basis to help meet the habitat needs of Federal Trust Species.


National Fish and Wildlife Foundation ConocoPhilips SPIRIT of Conservation Migratory Bird

Geographic Focus: Priority will be given to projects in regions where ConocoPhillips has an operating presence, including Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming
Project Focus: The ConocoPhillips SPIRIT of Conservation Migratory Bird Program provides funding for projects that benefit migratory birds and their habitats.


National Fish and Wildlife Foundation: Five-Star and Urban Waters Restoration Grant Program

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Program Description: The Five Star and Urban Waters Restoration Program seeks to develop nation-wide-community stewardship of local natural resources, preserving these resources for future generations and enhancing habitat for local wildlife. Projects seek to address water quality issues in priority watersheds, such as erosion due to unstable streambanks, pollution from stormwater runoff, and degraded shorelines caused by development. The program focuses on the stewardship and restoration of coastal, wetland and riparian ecosystems across the country. Its goal is to meet the conservation needs of important species and habitats, providing measurable and meaningful conservation and educational outcomes. The program requires the establishment and/or enhancement of diverse partnerships and an education/outreach component that will help shape and sustain behavior to achieve conservation goals.

The application deadline is February 3, 2015. 

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation National Wildlife Refuge Friends Group Grant Program

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Project Focus: This program provides competitive seed grants to creative and innovative proposals that seek to increase the number and effectiveness of organizations interested in assisting the Refuge System nationwide.

Grants are provided to support proposals that fall within the following areas of emphasis: start-up grants, capacity building grants, and project specific grants


National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Native Plant Conservation Initiative

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Project Focus: Supports on-the-ground conservation projects that protect, enhance, and/or restore native plant communities on public and private lands. Projects typically fall into one of three categories and may contain elements of each: protection and restoration, information and education, and inventory and assessment.


National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Pulling Together Initiative

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Project Focus: The Pulling Together Initiative (PTI) provides support for the formation of local Weed Management Area (WMA) partnerships. These partnerships engage federal resource agencies, state and local governments, private landowners, and other interested parties in developing long-term weed management projects within the scope of an integrated pest management strategy.

PTI grants provide an opportunity to initiate working partnerships, demonstrate successful collaborative efforts, and develop permanent funding sources for the maintenance of Weed Management Area partnerships.


National Forest Foundation Community Assistance Program

Geographic Scope: National
Projects Supported: include technical assistance, training, consultants, community outreach, obtaining 501(c)(3) status, group facilitation, basic start-up and operating costs, materials and equipment, program development, nonprofit management skill building, and communications.

Priority will be given to organizations in underserved and culturally diverse communities that have had limited access to financial and organizational resources.


National Forest Foundation Matching Awards Program

Geographic Scope: National
Projects Supported: projects that address community-based forest stewardship, watershed health and restoration, wildlife habitat improvement, and recreation issues in proactive ways by completing innovative on-the-ground conservation work in partnership with other community groups and individuals. The NFF Matching Awards Program focuses on “action-oriented” projects that serve to demonstrate and evaluate measurable outcomes. In addition, each partner must meet the non-federal cash match on at least a 1:1 basis.


National Forest Foundation Wilderness Stewardship Challenge

Geographic Scope: Nationwide
Projects Supported: conservation projects that benefit Wilderness Areas in the National Forest


Nature of Learning Grants Program

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Project Focus: This grant is offered for community-based environmental education initiatives set in National Wildlife Refuges that are to be used as outdoor classrooms. Its purpose is to promote a greater understanding of local conservation issues, support site-specific environmental education, use on-site programs to focus on refuge issues, emphasize species of importance, and other goals that promote education and stewardship along the lines of the Nature of Learning framework


New Belgium Brewing

Geographic Focus: The states to receive funding in 2009 are Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Wyoming.
Program Focus: Environmental Stewardship:
  1. Water Stewardship
  2. Sensible Transportation & Bike Advocacy
  3. Sustainable agriculture
  4. Youth environmental education
November 1, 2009 is the deadline. They accept one grant request per calendar year. Small grants range from $500-$5,000. They offer funding in both program support and general operating needs.


New Land Foundation

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Project Focus: The Foundation seeks to fund programs in the following areas:
  • Civil rights/justice;
  • Environment (other than hazardous waste);
  • Population control;
  • Peace/arms control; and
  • Leadership development (as it relates to the first four areas).
Typically, no grants are given for capital campaigns, publications, films, endowment campaigns, building campaigns or conferences.


Nickelodeon's Big Green Grants Program

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Program Focus: Nickelodeon's Big Green Grants Program provides support to schools and community-based organizations throughout the U.S. for environmentally friendly projects. Green Grants of $2,500 and $5,000 encourage projects that inspire kids to take care of the environment, be active and live healthier, and engage in community service.

Applicants must participate in Worldwide Day of Play (September 26, 2009) or host a Big Green Help environmental project. Public and private elementary and middle schools as well as nonprofit community-based after-school organizations are eligible to apply. Applications from urban and rural/suburban areas as well as small and large community-based organizations serving all ethnicities are encouraged to apply. Requests must be submitted by December 31, 2009.


Norcross Wildlife Foundation

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Program Focus: The Norcross Wildlife Foundation provides support to local grassroots organizations throughout the United States that work to protect wild land. Priority is given to organizations that have difficulty raising the modest funds they need to do their critical work in the trenches of environmental conservation.
  • They fund computer and office equipment, specialized software, newsletters, special reports, brochures, video/DVDs, and other educational materials, etc.
The Foundation also provides no-interest loans to local organizations to help them acquire land they have prioritized for conservation. Applications for both grants and loans may be submitted at any time.


Norman Foundation: Environmental Justice Grants

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Program Focus: The Norman Foundation supports efforts throughout the United States that strengthen the ability of communities to determine their own economic, environmental, and social well-being, and that help people control those forces that affect their lives. The Foundation's Environmental Justice grants provide funding to nonprofit organizations that work to prevent the disposal of toxics in communities and to link environmental issues with economic and social justice. Programs that can serve as a model for other organizations and communities are encouraged.

The upcoming deadline for Environmental Justice grants is December 1, 2009 for LOIs.


Odell Brewing CO

Geographic Focus: Colorado, U.S.
Program Focus: The environment, education

They consider submissions quarterly in mid-March, June, September and December for large grants, or monthly for small grants. They offer Gift-in-kind Donations and the Charity of the Month program as well.


Patagonia Environmental Grant Program

Geographic Focus: Nationwide, primarily where the company does business
Program Focus:
  • Alternative Energy
  • Biodiversity
  • Forests
  • Resource Extraction
  • Social Activism
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Toxics/Nuclear
  • Water/Marine

Pay It Forward Foundation

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Program Focus: Pay It Forward Mini-Grants are designed to fund one-time-only service-oriented projects identified by youth as activities they would like to perform to benefit their school, neighborhood, or greater community. Projects must contain a "pay it forward" focus - that is, they must be based on the concept of one person doing a favor for others, who in turn do favors for others, with the results growing exponentially - to be considered in the grant making process. We do not give General Education Grants for the improvement of your school, the purchase of materials, etc.

All applications received by September 15th will be considered for first semester funding on or about October 1st of each school year. Those received by February 15th will be considered for our second semester, March 1st funding.

Mini-Grants of up to $500 are available for projects on a one-time-only basis.

Project Aware Foundation Grant Program

Geographic Focus: International
Program Focus: Project AWARE Foundation provides grants to a variety of nonprofit organizations, institutions and individuals involved in activities directly related to the conservation of underwater environments - both marine and freshwater. Grant program funding is made possible by direct contributions from divers and water enthusiasts and operates on a quarterly funding cycle.

Funding requests will be accepted up to a maximum of US $10,000. The average grant awarded ranges between US $500 and $3000.

Requests are reviewed quarterly; the next application deadline is March 15.


Rachel Carson Sense of Wonder Contest

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Project Focus: The EPA, Generations United, the Dance Exchange, and the Rachel Carson Council, Inc., announce a poetry, essay, photo and dance contest. Entries must be from a team of two or more persons, a young person and an older person. The creative work should express the "Sense of Wonder" that your team feels for the sea, the night sky, forests, birds, wildlife, and all that is beautiful to your eyes.

Entries are due June 16.


RBC Blue Water Project Grant Program

Geographic Focus: Nationwide and international
Program Focus:
  • Leadership Grants: Ranging from $25,000 to $500,000, these grants focus on watershed protection and/or access to safe drinking water and are available to local, regional, national or trans-border organizations for projects in any of the countries in which RBC is located, including Canada, the United States, the Caribbean and the UK.
  • Community Action Grants: These grants are focused on watershed protection and are available to local or community organizations in Canada, United States or the Caribbean.

Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation: National Youth Fishing & Boating Initiative

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Program Focus: The mission of the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation is to implement a national outreach strategy that will increase participation in recreational angling and boating. The Foundation's National Youth Fishing & Boating Initiative is offering grants to youth-focused boating, fishing, and conservation organizations for aquatic education programs with the potential for national scope that introduce children and their families to boating and fishing. Priority is given to programs that target minorities and underserved communities.

The application deadline is January 4, 2010.



Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Program Focus: Funding for projects or programs that focus on protecting outdoor places for recreation or helping increase participation in outdoor activities--especially among youth.

Proposals must be submitted.


Summit Foundation

Geographic Focus: Summit County and the towns of Alma, Buena Vista, Fairplay, Kremmling, and Leadville
Project Focus: The Summit Foundation announces its grant cycle each year in January and July. Notices are provided by local newspapers and radio stations. Once the specific deadline is established, agencies must request a copy of the current grant application and guidelines. Applications are generally available at least eight weeks prior to the grant under Grant Applications on the website.The Foundation funds specific projects, which have measurable results

Nonprofit organizations, 501(c)(3) and 170(b)(1)(a)(i.V.I.) The Foundation funds specific projects and programs which have measurable results. Organizations requesting funding support will only be considered for funding once in a calendar year. Requests for programs or projects already completed are not eligible for funding. Funded projects work to enhance the quality of life in Summit County and Neighboring Communities. 


Surdna Foundation Environment Program

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Project Focus: The Surdna Foundation focuses funding towards organizations working to:
  • Build support for programs to stabilize climate change at the local, state and national level.
  • Improve transportation systems and patterns of land use across metropolitan areas, working landscapes, and intact ecosystems.
  • Safeguard the biological diversity and productivity of U.S. domestic oceans.
Generally, Surdna does not support: programs addressing toxics, hazardous waste, environmental education, sustainable agriculture, or food production and distribution; individuals; academic research.


The American Wildlife Conservation Foundation

Geographic Focus: Nationwide, with special regard to New York State
Project Focus: The Foundation provides grants to be used as start-up funds or seed money to support research on fish, wildlife, and other natural resources, as well as to fund conservation and related education projects.


The Conservation Fund Kodak American Greenway Awards Program

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Project Focus: mapping, ecological assessments, surveying, conferences, and design activities; developing brochures, interpretative displays, audio-visual productions or public opinion surveys; hiring consultants, incorporating land trusts, building a foot bridge, planning a bike path, or other creative projects. In general, grants can be used for all appropriate expenses needed to complete, expand or improve a greenway project including planning, technical assistance, legal and other costs. Grants May Not be used for academic research, general institutional support, lobbying, or political activities.


The Edmund T. and Eleanor Quick Foundation

Geographic Scope: Colorado
Programs of Interest: education, public recreation, conservation


The Joseph Henry Edmondson Foundation

Geographic Scope: Colorado, Primarily Pikes Peak Area
Programs Supported: general support, building funds, equipment, challenge grants, collaborations & coalitions, technical assistance, capacity building, property acquisition


Threshold Foundation

Geographic Focus: Worldwide
Program Focus: The Sustainable Planet Committee supports efforts to transform both human culture and technology so that we may live within the physical limits of the local and global ecosystems. This committee will be accepting LOIs from organizations working in the following three focus areas:
  1. Climate Change: supports efforts to catalyze cultural and political action that will wake up the United States and the entire world in time to address the catastrophic threat posed by climate change.
  2. Community-based Solutions: supports organizations employing practical, grassroots solutions to building a sustainable world.
  3. Ecological Hotspots: supports communities that, through their cultural integrity, steward the natural environment for future generations.
Submit LOI by September 25, 2009. To review the guidelines, click here.


Tiffany & Co. Foundation

Geographic Focus: Nationwide, with an emphasis on New York city
Project Focus: Support is provided in the following areas:
Responsible Mining: The Foundation supports capacity building to promote responsible mining.
  • Coral Reef Conservation: The Foundation supports research as well as community-led work promoting the conservation of coral reefs.
  • Land Protection: The Foundation supports the implementation of comprehensive land conservation strategies. Support focuses on communities in which Tiffany & Co. operates.

Tom's of Maine

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Project Focus: We are looking for applications for community involvement projects from501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. A review panel will narrow down our applications to 50 finalists. Then we’ll post them on our site so you can help us by voting for which 5 projects should be awarded funding.
Selection will be based on the following judging criteria:
  1. Achievability (30%): Is the project something that can be completed and measured within 6 months?
  2. Positive impact (35%): How will the program make a positive impact in the community? What enduring change will come from the project?
  3. Community Involvement (35%): How does the project engage and involve members of the general community in which the organization operates?

Tourism Cares for Tomorrow

Geographic Focus: Nationwide & International
Project Focus:
  • capital ("brick-and-mortar") improvements that serve to protect, restore, or conserve sites of exceptional cultural, historic, or natural significance, or
  • the education of local host communities and the traveling public about conservation and preservation of sites of exceptional cultural, historical, or natural significance.

Town Creek Foundation

Geographic Focus: Nationwide, with an emphasis on Maryland and the Eastern Shore
Project Focus: The Town Creek Foundation's National portfolio has had two primary foci in recent years:
  • Programs and organizations that strengthen the environmental movement generally, and
  • Programs and organizations that are working to reduce the pressure on forests from the paper products industry.

Trout Unlimited, Embrace-A-Stream (EAS)

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Program Focus: The goal of EAS is to conserve coldwater fisheries through innovative grassroots conservation projects. Successful projects are based on sound science, benefit the resource, strengthen the local TU chapter and council, and help build the constituency for protecting trout and salmon.


Walmart Foundation State Giving Program

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Program Focus: Environmental Sustainability grants support programs that are designed to help people become more sustainable as well as programs that enhance the environment. The program provides grants of $25,000 and up.

Applications may be submitted between February 1 and August 20.


Walton Family Foundation

Geographic Focus: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Washington, D.C., Wisconsin
Environment Program Focus: The focus is on creating cleaner, healthier rivers and oceans; ensuring access to an abundant supply of clean water and healthy seafood; and supporting the millions of people in America and around the world whose lives and livelihoods depend on fishing.
Applicable category: Ensuring Efficient and Rapid Restoration of Mississippi and Colorado Rivers, River Basins and Delta Wetlands


Waste Management Charitable Giving

Geographic Scope: Nationwide, primarily where there are company operations
Funding Areas of Interest: preserve or enhance natural resources, promote environmental education, and community development


WateReuse Foundation Unsolicited Research Program

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Program Focus: The Unsolicited Research Program awards funding to researchers who propose projects designed to meet the future needs of the water reuse and desalination community.

Preproposals are due by March 8.


Western Colorado Community Foundation

Geographic Scope: Colorado, primarily Delta, Eagle, Garfield, Gunnison, Mesa, Montrose, Rio Blanco, and Ouray counties
Projects Supported: education, environment, and general community


Wildlife Action Opportunities Fund

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Program Focus: With generous support from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, The Wildlife Conservation Society continues its highly successful Wildlife Action Opportunities Fund grants program. This program makes funding available to nonprofit conservation organizations, state wildlife agencies, and tribal governments working to implement high priority wildlife conservation activities.

Deadline for proposal submissions is March 26, 2010.


William C. Kenney Watershed Protection Foundation

Geographic Focus: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming
Program Focus:
  • Leadership Grants: The bulk of our grantmaking funds are allocated by a small Advisory Committee made up of experts and activists deeply engaged with grassroots river protection groups in the West. Every three years, the Foundation will convene a group of Advisors to nominate and determine potential grantees for that cycle.
  • Discretionary Grants: a. Provide a real opportunity to change western water policy on a local, state or national level; or b. Defend environmental laws critical for the protection of all western rivers; or c. Focus on a specific strategy for protection of a biologically important western watershed.
  • Policy Grants: small grants to encourage policy research and analysis of issues that affect western water. Research topics might include alternatives for managing water demand, mechanisms for transferring water to environmental and recreational use, commentary on federal and state actions that affect water policy. Grants may be used for arranging meetings. Preference will be given to projects that will be disseminated in a manner that reach advocates for the West's rivers.

William H. and Mattie Wattis Harris Foundation

Geographic Focus: Colorado, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico
Areas of Interest: environmental conservation, population issues, education
Projects Supported: project & general support, equipment, land/property acquisition, project planning, training events, endowment, challenge/matching grants


Wolcott Family Foundation

Geographic Focus: Colorado
Project Focus:
  • empower individuals and communities to organize for social change;
  • seek to strengthen civil liberties and civil rights issues (e.g. equal opportunity, equal justice and racism, equal protection and due process, disabilities, and reproductive rights);
  • build community development that seeks to break the cycle of poverty, create economic opportunity, and build effective leadership in distressed communities (e.g. access to quality employment, leadership development, and community participation); and,
  • demonstrate linkages and interdependence of ecosystems and economics with win-win solutions and collaborative approaches.
Requests will be considered for either general support or specific project support.


YSI Foundation "Minding the Planet" Grant

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Project Focus: Their 2010 grant will go to an organization that focuses on improving its local water quality while having a specific mission to positively affect regional or statewide water resource policy and decision making. This grant is designed to help an organization that acts on a local level in order to support the efforts of one or more other regional or state stakeholders.

One grant will be awarded for $25,000 to the selected organization. Applications are due by Friday, March 19.


Governmental Funding Opportunities

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Geographic Focus: Colorado
If you apply for the American recovery and reinvestment act (stimulus) and need non-federal match, there is a pool of funds available from a coalition of Colorado foundations and managed by Colorado non-profits. If interested, please contact

For more information, please visit one of the following sites.
Colorado Nonprofts

Colorado Department of Agriculture High Plains Invasives Project Matching Grant

Geographic Focus: Eastern High Plains of Colorado, private/public lands east of the I-25 Corridor in Colorado’s high plains.
Project Focus: 3-year program that targets six currently uncommon invasive weeds. The purpose is to help build local partnerships to address and eradicate these six weeds before they gain a significant foothold on our high plains.
The target species are:
  • Diffuse knapweed (Centaurea diffusa )
  • Russian knapweed (Acroptilon repens )
  • Spotted knapweed (Centaurea maculosa)
  • Leafy spurge (Euphorbia esula)
  • Dalmatian toadflax (Linaria dalmatica)
  • Saltcedar (Tamarix spp.) Only in the Republican Watershed

Colorado Division of Wildlife Cooperative Habitat Improvement Program (CHIP)

Geographic Focus: Colorado
Projects Supported: small woody plantings, grass plantings, wetland enhancements, and stream improvements.


Colorado Division of Wildlife Fishing is Fun Program

Geographic Focus: Colorado
Program Focus: Eligible applicants compete for financial assistance for angling projects as outlined in the guidelines. For 2009, up to $900,000 is available for angling projects. Applicants must match a Fishing Is Fun award with non-federal cash or in kind services. Fishing Is Fun proposals are assessed along a number of factors, including their contribution to new or improved opportunities for anglers, improved fish habitat, cost-effectiveness, cost-sharing and others. A short presentation before an independent review panel is also part of the process. A final list of projects is based on the panel’s recommendations. Division of Wildlife staff will be pleased to work with you to develop a proposal for your community’s project, and potential applicants are strongly encouraged to contact their local Division of Wildlife office early in the process.

Proposals are due by mail at the beginning of March. If you have questions contact Jim Guthrie by phone at 303-291-7563.

Colorado Division of Wildlife Motorboat Colorado Program

Geographic Focus: Colorado

Program Focus: Applicants must match a Motorboat Colorado award with non-federal cash or in kind services (donated labor and/or supplies and equipment use). It is very important that proposed grant activities will produce motorboat access or other improvements that are readily available for public use for its useful life. A project will be ranked primarily in terms of new and/or improved public opportunities for access and amenities at motorboat reservoirs. During the final selection of projects to fund, some emphasis will be placed on how well the project meets the long range goals of the CDOW.

Deadline is typically the beginning of February. For more information call (303) 291-7244.


Colorado Nonpoint Source FY 2011 Funding Announcement

Geographic Focus: Colorado
Program Focus: The Water Quality Control Division, Nonpoint Source Management Area (NPS program) and its state water quality partners, the Nonpoint Source Alliance (Alliance), are pleased to announce we are now accepting proposals for projects to be awarded funding under Section 319(h) of the Clean Water Act.
For 2011, the NPS program will consider proposals for projects that:
  • address water quality impairments due to nonpoint source pollution,
  • develop or update watershed plans, or
  • provide education and outreach activities that help maintain or restore water quality impacted by nonpoint source pollution.
Application Deadline is December 15. Visit the NPS Colorado Website for more information.


Colorado Division of Wildlife Wetland Wildlife Conservation Program

Geographic Focus: Colorado
Project Focus:
  • Funding for all phases of wetland and riparian creation, restoration and enhancement
  • Funding for conservation easements and fee-title purchase through Division of Wildlife’s Wildlife 
Habitat Protection Program
  • Wildlife and aquatic resource inventories
  • Education and outreach
  • Project monitoring and evaluation

Colorado State Conservation Board Natural Resources Conservation Matching Grants

Geographic Focus: Colorado
Project Focus: Locally led conservation allows for the citizens of Colorado to decide for themselves what is important and effective in protecting their natural resources - whether for water supply or quality, soil fertility and stability, weed control, forest health, sustainable grasslands, wildlife habitat, wise land development, or some other natural resource concern. This grant is a vehicle to help implement solutions to problems local citizens have prioritized as important to them.


Colorado State Conservation Board Salinity Basin States Parallel Program

Geographic Focus: Western Colorado
Project Focus: Financial assistance to landowners in order to improve the efficiency of irrigation systems on their land in western Colorado.


Colorado State Parks Colorado State Trails Grant Program

Geographic Focus: Colorado
Project Focus: The grants must be used either for acquisitions of land or water to be used for recreational purposes or for construction or redevelopment of outdoor recreational facilities. Planning grants to local governments cannot be funded through Land and Water Conservation Fund funds.


Colorado Watershed Restoration Program

Geographic Focus: Colorado
Program Focus: The Watershed Restoration Program objective is to provide planning, engineering, and construction services for watershed/stream restoration studies and projects. The Program also provides support for flood mitigation. Special consideration is reserved for planning and project efforts that integrate multi-objectives in restoration and flood mitigation. This may include projects and studies designed to restore stream channels, provide habitat for aquatic and terrestrial species, restore riparian areas, reduce erosion, reduce flood hazards, and increase the capacity to utilize water.

Application deadline is January 31.


Department of the Interior: Endangered Species Candidate Conservation Implementation

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Project Focus: The Endangered Species program provides federal financial assistance on a competitive basis to states, other federal agencies, landowners, educators, non-profit organizations, researchers and other potential partners interested in endangered, threatened or candidate species in three main areas: (1) Section 7 Consultation and Habitat Conservation Planning; (2) Recovery Implementation; and (3) Candidate Conservation. This Candidate Conservation Implementation funding opportunity is for projects that will contribute to preventing the need to list candidate species and for projects that benefit at-risk species that are potential candidates, and particularly for those actions that address threats identified in Candidate Assessments.

The current closing date for applications is September 30, 2009.


Department of the Interior Landowner Incentive Program

Geographic Focus: Nationwide, Colorado is eligible for Tier-II grants which focus on program implementation
Funding Interests: The funding interests are directed toward the restoration of habitats on private land that are required for the survival of species at risk. Examples include restoring native vegetation, prescribed burns, grazing management, brush and weed (invasive exotic plant species) management, removing fish passage barriers, stream restoration, and purchasing conservation easements.


EPA Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Pilot Program

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Program Focus: This program provides support to facilitate community involvement in area-wide planning approaches to brownfields assessment, cleanup, and subsequent reuse.

The application deadline is June 1.


EPA CARE Program

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Project Focus: CARE is designed to complement national regulatory approaches and meet community needs by building the capacity of communities to understand and take effective actions at the local level to address existing environmental concerns. The CARE program will provide funding, information, training, technical support, and help to build collaborative local partnerships, improved access to voluntary programs and address community environmental concerns.

EPA will award two types of cooperative agreements (Level I and Level II) under this solicitation as part of the CARE grant program.

Level I cooperative agreements will support the following types of activities: working with the funded entity to form community-based collaborative partnerships; developing a comprehensive understanding of the many sources of risk from toxics and environmental pollutants; and setting community risk reduction priorities.

Level II cooperative agreements will fund activities to identify and demonstrate actual risk reduction projects “on the ground” in their community. Level II agreements are for communities that have already completed the actions typically taken in a Level I agreement. However, receipt of a Level I cooperative agreement is not a prerequisite to receiving a Level II cooperative agreement.


EPA Clean Water State Revolving Fund

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Projects Supported: Construction of municipal wastewater facilities and implementation of nonpoint source pollution control and estuary protection projects.


EPA Environmental Education Grants Program

Geographic Focus: The primary applicant must be based in the U.S.; partner organizations and project activities may be located in Canada or Mexico, or in U.S. territories.
Program Description: The Grants Program sponsored by EPA's Environmental Education Division (EED), Office of Children's Health Protection and Environmental Education, supports environmental education projects that enhance the public's awareness, knowledge, and skills to help people make informed decisions that affect environmental quality. EPA awards grants each year based on funding appropriated by Congress. Annual funding for the program ranges between $2 and $3 million. Most grants will be in the $15,000 to $25,000 range.

Applications must be sent by mail and postmarked by the December 15 deadline.


EPA Five-Star Restoration Program

Geographic Focus: Nationwide, for community based projects
Projects Supported: trainings; wetlands projects involving restoration, science, education


EPA National Wetland Program Development Grants

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Projects Supported: state/tribal technical and meeting support, regulation, monitoring and assessment, voluntary restoration/protection, and/or water quality standards for wetlands


EPA Targeted Watersheds Grant Program

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Project Focus: Offers grants for project implementation and capacity building.


Federal Emergency Management Agency's Hazard Mitigation Grant Program

Geographic Focus: Declared disaster area
Project Focus: The Hazard Mitigation Grant Program provides grants to implement long-term hazard mitigation measures after a major disaster declaration. The purpose of the HMGP is to reduce the loss of life and property due to natural disasters and to enable mitigation measures to be implemented during the immediate recovery from a disaster.


Fish and Wildlife Service North American Wetlands Conservation Act Small Grant Program

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Project Focus: Supports public-private partnerships carrying out projects in the United States that further the goals of the North American Wetlands Conservation Act. These projects must involve long-term protection, restoration, and/or enhancement of wetlands and associated uplands habitats for the benefit of all wetlands-associated migratory birds.


Fish and Wildlife Service North American Wetlands Conservation Act Standard Grant Program

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Project Focus: Projects must involve long-term protection, restoration, and/or enhancement of wetlands and associated uplands habitats for the benefit of all wetlands-associated migratory birds.


Great Outdoors Colorado Open Space Grants

Geographic Focus: Colorado
Projects Supported: establishing trails, providing habitat, and purchasing land, conservation easements, and development rights


Great Outdoors Colorado Planning Grants

Geographic Focus: Colorado
Projects Supported: Surveys to identify conservation projects of high priority areas, develop comprehensive recreation plans, & research, mapping, and education project to inform landowners about conservation tools and options.


Great Outdoors Colorado Trails Grants

Geographic Focus: Colorado
Projects Supported: Trail and infrastructure development.


NRCS Colorado Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP)

Geographic Focus: Nationwide, Colorado
Project Focus: EQIP provides assistance to farmers and ranchers who face threats to soil, water, air, and related natural resources on their land. Through EQIP, the NRCS provides assistance to agricultural producers in a manner that will promote agricultural production and environmental quality as compatible goals, optimize environmental benefits, and help farmers and ranchers meet Federal, State, Tribal, and local environmental requirements.


NRCS Conservation Innovation Grants

Geographic Focus: Nationwide, Colorado is NOT part of the state grant program
National Funding Categories:
  • Natural Resource Concerns category -- Up to $10 million available for proposals addressing one or more of the CIG natural resource concerns. This component was also offered in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007.
  • Technology category -- Up to $5 million available for proposals addressing one or more of the CIG technology categories. This component was offered in 2006.

NRCS Wetlands Reserve Program

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Projects Supported: wetland restoration, enhancement, and protection on private land
Program Options for Landowners: Short-term 10-year restoration cost-share agreements, Mid-term 30-year conservation easements, and Permanent easements.


NRCS Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program

Geographich Focus: Nationwide
2008 Program Priorities: Agricultural Management, Conservation Technical Assistance, Environmental Quality Incentives, Wildlife Habitat Incentives

Species Benefited: grasshopper sparrow, bobwhite quail, swift fox, short-eared owl, Karnerblue butterfly, gopher tortoise, Louisiana black bear, Eastern collared lizard, Bachman’s sparrow, ovenbird, and acorn woodpecker, greater sage grouse, and salmon.


Presidents Environmental Youth Award

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Projects Supported: recycling programs in schools and communities; construction of nature preserves; major tree planting programs; videos, skits, and newsletters created by students that focused on environmental issues; and environmental science projects.


Superfund Technical Assistance Grants

Geographic Focus: Nationwide, granted through Regional Offices
Program Focus: Sites listed on the National Priorities List (NPL) or proposed for listing under the National Contingency Plan (NCP), where a response action has begun under CERCLA


U.S. Forest Service Bring Back the Natives Grant Program

Geographic Focus: Nationwide
Projects Supported: Native aquatic species habitat restoration & protection, mainly in headwaters areas or large watershed scale when anadromous fish are involved.


Water Quality Control Commission 319 Funding

Geographic Focus: Colorado
Program Focus: Emphasis on watershed-based planning and restoration of impaired waters through developing and implementing TMDLs and watershed-based solutions to prevent and remedy water quality problems.