Over the last decade, the Assembly has made significant gains. For example:
  • In 2008, the El Pomar Foundation honored CWA with the Robert V. Menary Award for Excellence in Environmental Issues.
  • In 2010, Jeff Crane, the Executive Director for the Assembly at the time, was named a National River Hero by The River Network. The award celebrates rivers and those who protect them by recognizing some of the victories and honoring those who provide leadership and inspiration along the way. Read more.
  • CWA launched its Inflow Network in 2008. The Network is an electronic information and database system that compiles timely information on funding sources, conferences, training programs, events, job opportunities and important watershed news. The Network distributes this information free in a weekly newsletter, a monthly report and in special alerts.
  • In 2002, CWA successfully initiated state legislation that created a volunteer donation program from state income tax returns that funds local watershed groups, The Colorado Healthy Rivers Fund. Since then, over 105,000 citizens have donated more than $816429 from their tax returns to fund 50 local water enhancement projects in Colorado. CWA actively promotes the Fund each year.
  • River Watch supports more than 130 volunteer monitoring teams in public and charter schools across Colorado. These teams monitor nearly 3,000 sites covering over 500 rivers and are the largest generator of water quality data in the state. The data is used by the Water Quality Control Commission to administer the Clean Water Act. The program has made its mark on the environmental ethic and understanding of over 70,000 Coloradoans have been trained in River Watch protocols since its inception in 1989.
  • CWA’s annual Sustaining Colorado Watersheds Conference connects together local groups with state and federal agencies and policymakers. The conference features workshops on key issues affecting Colorado’s watersheds.
  • CWA produces the annual State of the Watershed Report to publicize the work of each local watershed group. We distribute the Report to the Governor’s office, the Legislature, state and federal agencies, water conservancy districts, and to other organizations.
  • CWA works closely with the federal Office of Surface Mining’s Western Hardrock Watershed Team. The Team places VISTA volunteers with local watershed groups for a year of service to help develop organizational capacity. The volunteers organize community events, write grants, develop planning documents and assist where needed.